“Concrete has formed our world by giving us the ability to construct in new ways. Diamonds, the ultimate objects of desire have no real impact on our way of life but their superlative qualities that superceed their usability have intrigued us for ages.”

Created by Ministry of mass

Material: Concrete enriched with Titanium Dioxide, the titanium is purifying air.

The aim with The Diamond is to  reevaluate materials and their intrinsic properties while criticizing our perception driven culture.”

Fond at I Love Belgium


“Simple tubes become light sculptures, minimal lines become tables or shelves. A direct reflection on the splendour of art deco and the directness of modernism. Although everything has been reduced to the most simple technological solution these furnitures keep their multi functionality: a table with a table-leg turning into a cantilever lamp, an open cabinet where one of the shelves becomes a table  and tables where the tabletop is a cutting board.”

This duo has created simple and beautiful furniture where the high quality material is in focus. Fien Muller, photographer, and Hannes Van Severen, artist, are Muller Van Severen.

Found at my favorite place for inspiration Pinterest

 “An original ”Tellurion” is a mechanical representation of the Earth-Moon-Sun system that reproduces the relative movement of the three bodies. The model visualizes the causes of night and day, solar and lunar eclipses and the phases of the Moon.”  Teluria by Note

Produced by Klong.

 I love the result, but i almost love their source of inspiration more: an old astronomic instrument with the help from candlelight describe how the light from the sun is creating the eclipses of the earth and of the moon. This is an example of  an impressive 19th century tellurion.

The winner of the 2013 Swedish Elle Decoration Award in the category Lamp of the year:

Light Tray by Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik

See all 2013 Swedish Elle Decoration Award winners here.

“We design, prototype, build, and show work in our NYC studio. Forms and ideas evolve collaboratively through 1:1 model-making and testing.” All by the fantastic Lindsey Adelman

Jiangmei Wu has created this airy lamp shade with original origami folding techniques. The papers used are made from 100 percent recycled cotton and she uses LED lights.

“She believes that the interaction between different experiences enriches the mind and encourages one to search for a plurality of meanings in design.” says Tacit Design, read more at Moco Loco

Margot George Chandelier

“We design enduring objects. We hope the people who invest in our furniture will pass it on to their children with stories of lives lived around it.”  by Egg Collective

“Inspired by the phases of the moon and its contrast between light and shadow.”

Dome by Todd Bracher, found at Mater – ethical living

It is made with 50% recycled aluminum and creates a 360 degree pattern from its source. This piece, for some reason, reminds me of the fantastic beautiful movie Melancholia, which can only be a good thing.

This LED-light is not what it seems. Look closely.

Wire light by Join Design

Found at my favorite addiction: Pintrest

The combination of hand crafted natural maple wood, a red textile cord and some 3D-printing can become the Peg Light and Chair  created by Tomas Rojcik.

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